Silicone Compounds

Silicone compounds perfectly connected

Silicone compounds and silicone rubber are sought-after materials in the industrial sector. For many special requirements, products made from solid silicone compounds (HTV) are the first choice. This material withstands temperatures from -70°C to over 200°C and has excellent electrical insulation capabilities. Thanks to their BfR and FDA conformance, silicone compounds also offer great freedom when equipping hygiene-sensitive production processes.

Silicone compound

When producing silicone compounds for various applications, the production facility is strictly separated from the mixing plant. This guarantees our customers a contamination-free HTV compound.

Our portfolio includes HTV silicone compounds with the following properties:

  • Molded parts 25–90 Shore A
  • Extrusion 60–80 Shore A, also DCLBP-free R
  • Cable application 60–80 Shore A
  • Tear-resistant modified 30–70 Shore A
  • Highly insulating 40–80 Shore A
  • Temperature-free 40–90 Shore A

All products made from mixed silicones are available in peroxide or addition-curing, and in 25 standard colors. Special colors are available upon request.

You can choose to have our HTV compounds delivered as sheets with foil interim layers, blanks for stuffing devices, continuous stripes wetted with silica, calender sheets or on a roll.