Delivery Forms

Variety delivered individually

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we supply rubber compounds in cut lengths or one continuous piece. We deliver the compound regarding your requirements –for further processing in extrusion systems, injection molding, pressing processes, as a master batch, or as individually assembled semi-finished products.

Delivery forms

Our standard delivery forms for rubber include:

  • Wig-wag sheets on pallet (also perforated) in 40, 80, 120, 240 mm and average cut
  • Continuous stripes in Poolbox > 15 mm width
  • Separating agent-free sheets in thicknesses of 4–12 mm
  • Calender sheeting in panel and roller mold, with film separation, alternatively powdered
  • Granulates, 2–5 mm

Our delivery forms for rubber compounds serve the following production processes:

  • Compression molding (pressing process)
  • Transfer molding (injection molding process)
  • Injection molding (injection molding process)
  • Extrusion (UHF, salt bath, vessel)
  • Assembly
  • Auma vulcanization