Shelf Life

Reliable and flexible delivery

What is the shelf life of rubber compounds? This depends on the respective rubber mixture. It is generally between 3 and 12 weeks. However, long shelf lives are not always necessary. Thanks to our global compound manufacturing locations, we are strategically located in major regions around the world. This allows us to deliver fresh rubber compounds quickly to customer locations. Our raw materials are stored at locations at optimal temperatures throughout the year – so that you always obtain a compound that offers maximum process reliability.

Shelf life

The correct storage of rubber compounds on site is important, Although, please check the expiration date of the rubber compound on the accompanying card when delivered. Careful preliminary inspections will ensure processing within the specified storage period. Nonetheless, unfavorable storage conditions can negatively impact the shelf life of the rubber compound. We therefore recommend the following guidelines:

  • The stock location should be cool, dry and protected from direct light (sunlight, strong artificial light).
  • Always store indoors.
  • The storage room temperatures should not be below + 5°C or above + 25°C. Short-term summer peaks of up to +35°C do not generally damage the compound.

Note: Extended storage times at temperatures above +25°C can shorten the shelf life and thus the durability.

  • Chloroprene rubber compounds require a storage temperature of at least +15°C; otherwise a crystallization effect may occur.

The optimal storage temperature of +5°C to +25°C, with short-term summer peaks of up to +35°C, as specified in the general recommendation for rubber shelf lives above, is not applicable for ECO, ACM, AEM and CR (limited) compounds. Such rubber compounds are very sensitive to high temperatures, so we recommend a maximum storage temperature of 20°C, where storage encompasses the full 4 week period. Our analysis of the rheometer curves and Mooney values show that there is a maximum storage life of just 5 days when stored at a temperature of > 25°C.

Our rule-of-thumb values for the shelf life of elastomer compound

Storage Temperature Storage Period
Over 25°C max. 5 days
20°C–25°C max. 14 days
below 20°C max. 28 days