Expertise you can build on

Ensuring the best quality makes testing in compound manufacturing for rubber compounds indispensable. We have decades of experience in testing rubber compounds. Correct test values are a matter of course. Our aim is to offer you excellent testing services competitively and quickly.


Our established testing program for rubber compounds

  • Our testing process starts the day the order is received.
  • Value for money: Compared to our competition, with respect to price versus value, market intel confirms that our testing programs exceed expectations.
  • Competence: we test to more than 5,000 national and international norms and specifications. Many of our in-house methods are already implemented into test workflows. All you need to do is press a button to start processing a complete specification.

Our rubber compounds are subject to strict production controls with state-of-the-art measuring and testing equipment. This gives our customers the opportunity to turn compounds into top-quality rubber items such as molded, sprayed and calender products. Rubber analytics provides an indispensable basis for our test results.


  • Material and product tests: control of behavior under different environmental conditions
  • Chemical lab: tests and controls conducted on rubber and synthetic materials
  • Experiment stations: compounds and semi-finished products in simulation sizes
  • Compound release: control of customer specifications and quality