CONTI RipProtect

High-performance inductive belt rip detection systems for conveyor belts with sensor loops

CONTI RipProtect

CONTI RipProtect is a permanent Radio Frequency (RF) system that detects and minimizes longitudinal conveyor belt rips by monitoring the condition of a series of embedded inductive sensor loops.

Key Features

  • Belt rip monitoring with “inverted” Figure “8” antennas
  • Optional antenna identification with RFID technology
  • Independent two-site monitoring


  • Transmit and receive radio frequency technology used to electrically couple through passing antennas
  • Transmitter induces electrical current in a good loop that the receiver detects
  • PLC tracks loop signal according to loop plan
  • If a longitudinal belt rip occurs, sensor loop is also ripped
  • Transmitter induces electrical current in ripped loop, loop does not transmit signal, and receiver does not detect signal
  • PLC misses signal in loop plan and alarms or stops conveyor


  • Majority of longitudinal belt rips occur near material loading 
  • Second monitoring point after take-up possible
  • Belt movement is monitored using a proximity sensor & targets on a system pulley
  • Loop separation is monitored by the number of targets detected between loop detections

System Benefits

  • Touch Screen: Easy to navigate with touch screen interface
  • Auto Synchronization: Belt map and passing conveyor synchronizes with RFID tag reads
  • RFID Tags: Unique identification of sensor loops for loop identification and traceability
  • Auto Calibration: Reduces calibration time and minimizes errors
  • Cycle Counter: Provides pulse for site to monitor completed belt revolution
  • Stop at Loop: Stops belt at a given location for maintenance
  • Low-profile Tags: Allows thinner belt covers
  • Versatile: Use in fabric or steel cord belting
  • Flexibility: Requires only 2 RFID tags to be functional

Application Field

This system has proven itself globally in just about every mining or industrial application that exists! This system is an inductive-based technology that monitors the integrity of conductive loop antennas that are embedded in fabric or steel cord conveyor belts at regular intervals. When a longitudinal rip occurs, the loop fails to conduct the induced current and the system generates a rip alarm when the antenna passes the system’s detector heads. This system has been around for many decades, but it has been continually improved with the latest technologies, including RFID technology and digital signal processing technologies.

Technical Key Data

Belt Speed up to 10 m/s
Belt Width 600 mm to 3500 mm (standard), wider is possible with custom design
Belt Rating all fabric and steel cord belts
Temperature -45 °C to 70 °C (detector heads / proximity sensor)
Humidity max. 95% non-condensing
System Output normally open relays; Ethernet TCP/IP; Modbus TCP
Input Voltage 110/220 VAC; 24 VDC option available
IP Class 67 for field installed sensors; 65 for control unit

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