CONTI TotalProtect

The all-in-one system to totally protect your conveyor

CONTI TotalProtect

CONTI TotalProtect detects and monitors everything from incremental damage to the belt surface covers, up to potentially catastrophic damage due to pending splice failure or belt penetration by foreign material. TotalProtect utilizes X-ray scanning technology.

Application Field

CONTI TotalProtect is utilized by mining and industrial steel cord belt customers to minimize downtime. By stopping the conveyor belt upon detection of a damage (e.g. steel cord damages) the system limits the damage associated by these events and can save customers huge amounts of money that would be lost on downtime, and spent on conveyor belt replacement, conveyor belt repairs and clean-up efforts. CONTI TotalProtect continuously scans the conveyor belt´s steel cords and rubber covers during normal operation. If a deviation from the original conveyor belt state is detected, the exact position and size of such defect is immediately signalled. The filter, indicating the size of the defects to be shown, will be programmed as per the customer's preferences. This technology has proven itself in the field.

Key Detect and Monitoring Features

  • Belt cover damages, such as longitudinal cuts, cracks, grooves etc.
  • Belt tracking
  • Belt edge damages
  • Fastener damages
  • Opening and lengthening of splices
  • Excessive / abnormal cover wear
  • Insufficient belt cleaning
  • Cord misalignment
  • Cord condition changes (damages and corrosion)
  • Entrapment of foreign material


  • An X-ray tube emits focussed radiation which are detected on the opposite side of the belt.
  • Depending on the material characteristics, a part of the radiation is absorbed. The unabsorbed radiation component is picked up by the detectors and converted into electrical signals.
  • These electrical signals are evaluated by the visualization computer and depicted graphically.

Technical Key Data

Belt Speed up to 6 m/s (standard), faster possible with custom design
Belt Width any belt width
Belt Rating all
Operating Temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
Resolution (depends on Belt Speed) longitudinal up to 2 mm; transverse up to 1.6 mm
Voltage / Current 400 V / 60 Hz / up to 36 A
Protection Class IP Class: 65

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