Conti+ Basics

Key Features

  • Technical data: All the relevant information about the belt(spec) and the conveyor components such as pulleys, idlers, transition lengths is available in this section.​ Can be shared via PDF quickly with relevant stakeholders​
  • Ultrasonics/lifetime prediction: Belt top cover monitor, which helps to track the wear, wear rate, hardness of the belt and estimated remaining belt life​​. Ultrasonic dashboard provides high level view of all the conveyors with estimated change outdates assisting in planning shutdowns.​
  • Files/data upload: Relevant users can upload any information in form of files, photos, videos. Such information is helpful to understand the activities, faults happened/conducted on the belt over a period.
  • Failure/belt history: A platform to record the reasons on why the belt/belt type has been replaced/failed, over a period and a calculated life the belt lasted on the system. The belt lifetime and replacement details are documented and summary of all the belts replaced over a period are easy to access to make informed decisions when choosing most suitable belt for the application. Belt failure is well documented and supports the root cause analysis to reduce downtime and gives the customer better insights during shutdowns/belt replacements.
  • Custom reports/ summary reports: A visual summary report of all the conveyor's spec, install date, years on system, estimated belt life and ultrasonic gauge as well as generating pdf of a custom list of technical information. A platform to generate and record the savings incurred to a customer by the service/consultation/recommendation rendered by Continental or its distributor.
  • Savings report: Gain insights on areas where improvements can be made such as substituting the belt with a new cover grade to solve a problem, documenting savings that can achieved by understanding and acting on the root causes of the issues.


  • Quick and easy access and management of all conveyor master data in one place. Accessible from all devices and offline.
  • Insights from savings reports generating by a belt expert.
  • Monitoring and recording of all conveyor condition data and events to effectively plan and schedule shutdowns.
  • High-level view with estimated change dates and lifetime estimation. Request a professional top cover thickness testing, conducted by Conti experts.

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