Conti+ Engineering

Key Features

  • « Minuteman » conveyor design program 
  • Splice Kit Bill of Materials (BOM) generator
  • Belt Info
  • Digital catalogue


  • Calculate system tensions, horsepower, take up requirements, View tension at each point on conveyor, choose offset idlers, input actual take up value, calculate roll lengths, select proper pulley diameters, calculate and select proper transition distance, calculate take up distance, calculate and select proper concave & convex curves
  • Never leave for a splice job without the right materials for the splice.
  • Generate a pdf of technical datasheet of belt which includes constructions, minimum pulley diameters, minimum widths etc.
  • Be informed about the stock availability of materials in relevant warehouse
  • Stay on top of tips & methods released in technical papers from the Conti technical consulting teams
  • Access product catalogue and other technical resources

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