Conti+ IoT

Key Features

  • Automated data flow
  • Visualize live data on a dashboard from a network of sensors installed at the conveyor
  • Set thresholds specific to the conveyor components to issue alarms
  • Set performance targets to optimize conveying process
  • Data-driven root cause analysis of failure modes and conveyor maintenance
  • Data-driven performance/cost optimization
  • Compatible with a wide range of sensors
    • Conti MultiProtect
    • Conti LoadSense
    • Commercially available sensors measuring
      • Material weight on belt (belt scale)
      • Motor energy consumption
      • Belt/ambient temperature
      • Humidity
      • Belt tension
      • Belt speed
      • Lateral alignment of the belt on conveyor structure


  • No more sporadic and incomplete information prone to human failure
  • Less unexpected down time. Maintenance plan of the conveyor can be organized with up-to-date information, thereby reducing maintenance costs.
  • Quantify the energy consumed vs material transported. Compare from conveyor to conveyor, issue daily targets and follow long term performance trends.

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