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Maintenance managers of plants are usually responsible for the condition of all the equipment and machinery of a conveyor belt. These belts can take up to 40 kilometers and count more than 250.000 rotating idlers – a massive number of components that must be inspected regularly.

Up to 30 % of unplanned shutdowns of conveyor belt systems can be associated to idler failure.

ConveyorInspect permits data-assisted remote monitoring of system conditions by providing visual inspection data, with the result that potential damage can be detected at an early stage and avoided. The smart solution improves maintenance efficiency and helps operators of conveyor belt systems.

To avoid such shutdowns, Continental offers an inspection service for conveyor belt systems, that is using RGB, and thermal images collected by drones, an artificial intelligence-based data analysis service and an interactive customer portal to make predictive maintenance easier than ever.

Key Features

Continental’s service package combines three powerful features:

1. Visual monitoring – Fully autonomous or with Drone Pilot

A drone equipped with infrared and RGB cameras inspects both sides of the conveyor following pre-programmed flight routines. Once the drone mission is completed and all relevant visual data along the conveyor has been collected, it returns to an autonomous charging station to upload the data collected to the cloud.

For the inspection service with Drone Pilot, a certified pilot controls the drone and collects data in dangerous or hard to reach areas.

2. Artificial intelligence

The visual data is uploaded to the cloud via the ConveyorInspect portal and is processed and analyzed by an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based data pipeline, customized specifically to detect conveyor damage.

3. Customer Portal

The analyzed data results and reports can be reviewed via an interactive and intuitive Web- and mobile App.


  • Always know the condition of the idlers
  • Identify the most critical conveyors
  • Locate the exact position of failing idlers
  • Create inspection reports
  • Track condition changes of rotating components over time
  • Prevent costly damage of components and downtime of a conveyor due to idler failure
  • Protect service technicians and increase safety through remote inspection
  • Avoid time-consuming, manual inspections and gain higher data quality and reproducibility
  • Gain better estimation of component life via long-term monitoring
  • Plan your maintenance based on data insights

Technical Key Data

Inspection speed (drone) ~ 1 m/s
Temperature -20 °C to 45 °C

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