CONTI CordInspect

CONTI CordInspect

CONTI CordInspect brings Continental technicians to your operation to conduct a cord and splice integrity scan. Then they deliver a detailed report of the findings to keep you running efficiently and give you peace of mind.


The CONTI CordInspect scanning service for steel cord belts has been offered since 2008. This service detects cord damage and prioritizes them based upon size and location. The system can also provide indicators of damage growth based on previous scans of the belt. Customers have relied on this periodic scan technology to identify damages to help them proactively address issues to avoid major unplanned maintenance events. Additionally, the magnetic images of splices can help to identify splice damages or changes to facilitate belt maintenance decisions.

Key Features

  • Cord Damage Detection
  • Belt Splice Monitoring
  • Customer report with damage position and magnitude
  • Easy to understand damage summary
  • Individual splice and damage imaging


  • Experienced technical team is deployed to your site
  • Image-based system is temporarily installed at conveyor
  • Belt is magnetized and data collected over entire belt length


  • On-demand scanning procedure with real-time reporting at full belt speed
  • PDF report containing all relevant cord damage and splice condition information
  • Robust design for all environmental and weather conditions

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