CONTI SurfaceInspect

CONTI SurfaceInspect

CONTI SurfaceInspect is a mobile inspection system that utilizes continuous belt scanning to measure the cover surface topography of the conveyor belt. Scanning can be performed at full belt speed. CONTI SurfaceInspect provides a compilation of digital 3D belt surface mapping and evaluates the cover surface condition using variable damage thresholds and cover surface damage.


CONTI SurfaceInspect can be used to scan the belt covers of any fabric or steel cord belts. Surface damage, such as impact or cut and gouge, can be seen in the digital belt map and can be inspected offline at any time. The results are used for belt wear estimation and as pre-analysis for cover repairs in advance of planned conveyor shutdowns. A belt surface scan can be done periodically to find systematic abnormal cover damage as early as possible for various industrial and mining belt applications.

Key Features

  • Detection of cover damages and wear
  • Compilation of a digital belt surface map
  • Customer report with all relevant damage information


  • On-demand belt surface scanning procedure
  • Measurement at full belt speed


  • Support for investigation of systematic cover damages
  • Pre-analysis for belt inspections and repairs

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