CONTI WearInspect

High-performance cord monitoring systems for conveyor belts

CONTI WearInspect

CONTI WearInspect uses laser-based sensors to measure overall-gauge of a conveyor belt. It displays a cross-sectional cover scan summary, segment gauge and percent wear data, as well as wear positions and identified profiles in an easy-to-understand PDF report.


CONTI WearInspect can be utilized on fabric and steel cord belts to measure the change in the overall gauge of the belt. The system can measure top cover wear by assuming there is no wear in the pulley cover of the belt, or use profile ultrasonic measurements of the pulley cover to better estimate the top or carry cover wear. The conveyor cover wear information can be used as a belt lifetime predictor, as well as to diagnose system-related issues that are causing premature wear of the conveyor belt.

Key Features

  • Belt is scanned and data collected over entire belt length
  • Customer receives a report identifying wear position and magnitude of wear


  • Experienced technical team is deployed to your site
  • WearInspect system is temporarily installed at conveyor
  • Belt is scanned and data collected over entire belt length


  • Belt thickness profile over width of the belt
  • Cover gauge contour map and wear image
  • Information can be used to predict life of belt and to identify system-related wear trends that may be addressed to extend belt life

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