Belt Splicing

Belt splicing

The method of conveyor belt splicing is fundamental in ensuring both the longevity of the conveyor belt and that it performs with optimum safety and efficiency. Continental is a global leader in the development of belt splicing technology and is committed to ongoing improvements and innovation within the field.

Continental service teams are experts in hot vulcanised splicing of the following product:

ST 10.000
  • Steel Cord Preform Splicing
    Our Preform method of conveyor belt splicing provides improved splice efficiency, with reduced splice time and improved performance.
  • Textile Reinforced Splicing
    Stepped bias splicing and 'Long-life' full finger splicing has been optimized to achieve maximum splice life.
  • Solid Woven Splicing
    Methods and materials have been developed for optimal compatibility with all PVC and PVG / nitrile belts.

Other options include cold vulcanising or mechanical fasteners.

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