Two-component Adhesives

Conti Secur BFA with activator

Two-component adhesives and the solutions offered by Continental have proven their worth in modern conveyor technology. Cold adhesive technology allows for cost-effective repair work in many areas.

Conti Secur BFA/Activator

BFA/black/white, Two-component adhesive


  • Rubber-metal bonding
  • Rubber-rubber bonding
  • Cold and hot splicing of fabric ply belts
Two Component Adhesives

Activator RE/RFE


  • Activation of Conti Secur BFA
  • Rubber-rubber bonding
  • Standard range

Product Range

  0.5l 0.8l 4.8l 22.2l
Conti Secur BFA X X X  
Activator RE 25 g /
24 glass bottles / box
40 g /
12/30 glass bottles /
750 g /
UN aluminum bottle
Conti Secur BFA white   X   X
Activator RFE   40 g /
12 glass bottles /