Continental Splice School

Comprehensive training from splicing experts known worldwide

Sometimes the only thing holding a conveyor belt together is a good, strong splice. Workmanship, skills and knowledge make all the difference. To be successful, quality training is not a nice-to-have, it’s a must have.

At the Continental Splice School, you’ll get a caliber of training that far exceeds any other, with access to exclusive industry knowledge and hands-on learning from the best in the business.
If you want to be the best, we want you. Register for the Continental Splice School today.

What you’ll learn at the Continental Splice School

Splice process overview

Gain a detailed understanding of the splicing process from start to finish and what makes each step successful.

Splice team roles

Learn the different roles and responsibilities of a strong, well-prepared and skilled splice team.

Keys to success from expert splicers

Get access to the step-by-step processes we use to ensure success from experts like Steve Cook and other Conti Splicers, established from decades of Continental splicing experience. Learn best practices as well as the most common splicing mistakes and how to prevent them.

Splice materials

A deep knowledge of materials is critical. This course will go in-depth on everything from top cover rubber to inside rubber to cement and solvents.

Splice material storage

Proper storage is essential, and you’ll learn where and how to store splice rubber, solvent and cement.

The step splice process

In-depth training on the most common fabric carcass splice type, from schematics to materials to best practices and more.

The full carcass finger splice process

Learn how to master one of the strongest and most difficult splice types.

Steel cord belt splicing

Similar to finger splices, a steel cord splice is extremely strong but very complex, requiring meticulous adherence to splice procedure details. Continental splice experts will train you on the do’s and don’ts of steel cord splicing.

Belt monitoring systems

As a splicer, a thorough knowledge of every aspect of the conveyor belt industry isn’t a nice-to-have – it’s an absolute must. Learn how things like belt monitoring systems affect splicing and what corrective action should be taken next.

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  • Continental’s Marysville, Ohio Plant
    You’ll see belts in production, learn from the best and most seasoned in the industry, and get a free splice tool bag!

  • On-site at your workplace
    If you don’t have time to come to us, we’ll bring Splice School to you. Learn under the leadership of 40-year splicing veteran Steve Cook.

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