Tools & Equipment

    Product Range

    • General Tools
      General Tools

      Continental offers a wide range of tools needed for belt splicing and repairs.

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    • Saw, Drill & Grinding Technology
      Saw, Drill & Grinding Technology

      A broad range of accessories and top-class electronic devices with proven quality and reliability.

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    • Clamping Technology
      Clamping Technology

      All tried-and-tested clamping and holding devices that are essential for installing and repairing conveyor belts safely and reliably.

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    • Special Tools
      Special Tools

      Includes all the unique purpose hand tools specially designed to achieve the desired results when installing and repairing conveyor belts.

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    • Tool Kits
      Tool Kits

      The collection of tools we have put together guarantees that a basic range of equipment is available on site at all times.

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    • Workwear

      Our range also offers an immersive Continental product experience thanks to our practical, useful and trendy everyday fashion items and safety equipment.

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    • Heavy Equipment
      Heavy Equipment

      Continental maintains a fleet of specialized belt handling equipment.

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    • Vulcanizing Press
      Vulcanizing Press

      Our vulcanizing press systems are suitable for all conveyor belt types and overcome the problem of non-uniform temperature distribution.

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    Services & Tools

    • Distributor Locator
      Distributor Locator

      Find a distributor near you.

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