Next Level Pipe Conveying


Our MegaPipe series breaks the limits in many ways. It combines the advantages of our ContiPipe series with pipe diameters bigger than 700 mm. And when it comes to high angle conveying, MegaPipe makes it possible to create systems with angles of incline up to 50 degrees. With a maximum capacity of up to 9,500 m3/h at conveying speeds of up to 6.5 m/s, MegaPipe transports bulk materials with a maximum grain size of up to 350 mm directly from the primary crusher.

Our approach

Mega Pipe Approach

A stationary pipe conveyor system linked to a crusher station at the bottom of mine. The tail station (tension station) is based at the bottom and the head station (DirectDrive station) is located at the rim of the open-pit. Our MegaPipe series enables steep angle inclination conveying from the bottom of the mine to the top. 

Technical Information

  • Conveyance over mine slopes with inclinations ≤ 34°
  • Mine depths of up to 700 m and mass flows of 5000 t/h and even more!
  • Nominal belt breaking strength of up to 9500 N/mm
  • Outer pipe diameter of up to 900 mm (belt width 3200mm)
  • Primary crushed material with lump sizes up to 350 mm › Conveyor belts with steel cord- and fabric-carcasses
  • Cost- and Energy Efficient Siemens DirectDrives

Features and Benefits

  • No need for a secondary crusher
  • Rapid return of investment
  • Significantly reduced mining truck fleet and CO2-footprint
  • Closed-trough transport = environment friendly & safe!

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