Cover Options (North America)

Protecting your investment with Continental cover compounds.

Cover Options

Continental cover compounds provide the ultimate protection for your belt carcass so that you realize a lower cost-per-ton conveyed and your system requires less maintenance. Our innovative, thermoset-formulated compounds provide protection and performance in even the toughest applications. Utilizing our compounding expertise, we offer a wide variety of cover compounds to meet your specific application requirement.
Our manufacturing process is vertically integrated and unique to the conveyor belt industry. Backed by extensive research and testing facilities, we have cover compounds to meet your rigorous requirements. We own mixing facilities that provide raw materials used in making our cover compounds, giving us more control over the quality of the product every step of the way.

Standard Compounds

Alumina – HOT

Specifically designed compound intended for usage at alumina
facilities where alumina material temperatures range up to 400 °F.

Arctic Gold and Arctic Gold Plus

Excellent mineral oil and abrasion resistance combined with
improved low temperature properties.

Defender and Defender Plus

DIN Y and ARPM Grade I rubber compounds designed to
provide very good abrasion resistance, good gouge resistance
and excellent flex life.

Eco Series

Low rolling resistance compounds designed to reduce energy
loss through indentation of the pulley cover. This occurs through
contact with conveyor idlers. With hundreds of kilometers of belt
in operation benefitting from Eco Plus, which provides up to 15%
reduction in energy consumption and Eco Extreme providing
as much as a 30% reduction when compared to standard

Shield FR-2G, Shield FRAR-2G & Shield FRHT-2G

Flame resistant series of compounds designed especially
for aboveground prep plants, power plants and non-coal
underground mining applications that require ASTM D378-13.2
(old MSHA CFR 30 part 18) flame test standard. For applications
requiring moderate heat resistance up to 250 °F, FRHT-2G is

Shield ARMA Plus & Shield ARMA Tough

Designed for the underground coal mining market, it meets
the MSHA CFR part 14 (B.E.L.T.) flame standard. Shield ARMA
compounds are ozone resistant and offer great abrasion
resistance for the most demanding applications, including slope

Shield FRORS-2G

Resistance to oil and static conductive, this compound is
designed for oily coal or coke materials in areas with fire
dangers. FRORS-2G meets ASTM D378-13.2 (old MSHA
CFR 30 part 18) flame test standard.

Shield FRAR-CSA C and Shield FR-CSA C

Fire-retardant anti-static belting is certified by the Canadian
Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa to CAN/
CSA M422M87, Type C, for below surface use as well as other
mining operations. FRAR-CSA C offers approximately 40% better
abrasion resistance than FR-CSA C compound.


(DIN Z and ISO L) rubber compound designed to provide
abrasion resistance and very good flex life.

Monster Hide, Monster Hide Plus and Monster Hide MORS

The ultimate in cut and gouge protection. Designed to absorb
impacts from large rock with sharp edges. Monster Hide MORS
resists the effect of cover cuts and chunking associated with
localized heavy impact and is MOR-resistant to cover swell
associated with terpene oil.

Gold Classic, Gold Plus and Gold Extreme

Gold series compounds protect from the effects of terpene in
wood chips, oil grains, and petroleum oils. Gold oil compounds
offer good abrasion resistance and great value for handling
moderately oily material where fire resistance is not required.

Pathfinder Supreme, Pathfinder Arctic and Pathfinder CSA

Flame retardant compounds designed especially for the grain
industry where oily grains and controlled mineral or vegetable oil
dust suppressive spray come in contact with the belt. Pathfinder
Arctic for low temperature requirements to -40 °F (-40 °C).

Solar-Shield Gold

An oil-resistant compound formulated for applications demanding
higher resistance to heat, oil and abrasion. It is resistant to
temperatures up to 350 °F (180 °C), oxidation and the effects of
corrosive atmospheres.

Solar-Shield Classic, Solar-Shield Plus,
Solar-Shield Extreme and Solar-Shield Ultimate

An exceptional range of hot material compounds when superior
heat resistance against hardening and cracking is required.
Solar-Shield compounds are designed to carry hot material at
intermittent temperatures from 350 °F (180 °C) with Classic, up
to 750 °F (400 °C) using Extreme and over 750 °F (400 °C) using
Ultimate and retain its superior heat-resistant qualities.

Stacker (DIN W, ARPM Grade I)
Stacker Plus (ARPM Grade I, ISO H, DIN X, ASM, SANS M)

Premium compounds designed for excellent resistance to
cutting, gouging and abrasion.

Survivor (ARPM Grade I, AS-A, SANS A)
Survivor Plus (ARPM Grade I)

Designed for superior abrasion resistance. Ideal for high-speed,
small diameter crushed stone, trap rock, ore, copper, taconite and
other abrasive applications where performance matters.

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