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 Charge Air

Charge Air

Charge Air Lines

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  • Wrapped charged air hoses

    Wrapped charged air hoses

  • Charged air line system

    Charged air line system

  • Moulded charged air hose

    Moulded charged air hose

  • 3D blow molded tube

    3D blow molded tube

  • 2D injection molded tube

    2D injection molded tube

    Product Range

    • Extruded Charge Air Hoses
      Extruded Charge Air Hoses

      For temperatures of up to 250°C with knit reinforcement.

    • Wrapped Hoses
      Wrapped Hoses

      To compensate for the relative movements of the different units.

    • Ultraflex Hoses
      Ultraflex Hoses

      To compensate for small tolerances at the connection points.

    • Hybrid Hoses
      Hybrid hoses: Inner Layer Extruded, Outer Layer Wrapped

      With extruded inner layer and wrapped outer layer.

    • 3D Blow Molded Tubes
      3D Blow Molded Tubes

      Cost-efficient thanks to integrated clips and components.

    • 2D Injection Molded Tubes
      2D Injection Molded Tubes

      Precisely fitting, flexible design with integrated components.