Hybrid Hose Solution for H₂ Fuel Dispensing Stations

Zero emission H₂

At Continental we combined our traditional experience and know how in rubber solution with the competence in thermoplastic materials, to develop the first veneer hose for hydrogen dispensing hose applications.

The state-of-the-art dispensing hoses are made of thermoplastic internal and external liners and steel reinforcement, flexibility, adhesion between the layers and finally time duration are the main pain points with such solutions.

The Continental hydro(next)gen hose is a unique hybrid solution combining a highly impermeable thermoplastic inner liner with a steel reinforcement to withstand pressures of up to 700 bar and a rubber-based outer cover to provide a more comfortable flexibility for the convenient insertion of the fueling nozzle into the vehicle, assuring a longer life span to the product. With more than two years worth of careful evaluation, selecting the right materials, testing and prototyping we ensure the best material solution for each and every industry and use case in close collaboration with our customers.

Fueling the Energy Transition

  • Hydrogen is seen as an important piece of the puzzle for the sustainable transformation of energy-intensive industries as well as commercial vehicles, passenger cars and off-highways vehicles.
  • With the Hydro(next)gen hose Continental ensures the efficient and safe handling of hydrogen in the 700 bar dispensing stations.
  • Such very high pressure is required to assure storage of H₂ for the long range at a reduced loading time.

Technical Data

  • Over 3800 bar pressure resistance
  • 700 bar working pressure
  • Low permeation to H₂


  • High flexibility
  • Improved life span
  • Easy to be assembled