Suction & Discharge Hose – Smooth Type with Steel Rings

Suction & Discharge Hose – Smooth Type with Steel RingsSuction and Discharge hoses - designed also for rugged applications - offer a tight bending radius under severe working conditions without buckling or kinking. The smooth type has similar functionalities as a Suction and Discharge hose but offers higher stiffness and form stability as required in situations with higher tensile loads and partial vacuum.


Features & Benefits

  • Optimal for suction & discharge application
  • Ideal as stiff joints
  • Applications with strong tensile loads
  • Ideal for coiling/reeling (stacking possible)


  • Smooth, extruded lining, highly resistant to abrasion
  • Additional oil and heat resistant rubber compounds available
  • Abrasion layer thickness from 5 to 50 mm incl. steel rings
  • Maximum available length up to 40 m
  • Working pressure up to 25 bar
  • Temperature range from -20°C up to +90°C
  • Hose ID range from 80 to 1600 mm