Crimped Steam Assembly




Coupling assembly crimps permanently onto hose; forms a tight crimp that reduces leaks and eliminates bulky bolt clamps while reducing potential for damage from snagging on personnel or property.


  • Construction Tube: Chlorobutyl synthetic rubber, EPDM, & black Pyrosyn®
  • Cover: Red or black EPDM synthetic rubber, black or red Pyrosyn® finish (pin-pricked), red wrapped Pyrosyn® (pin-pricked)
  • Reinforcement: Braided Steel Wire
  • Coupling: Female Ground Joint Low Profile, Female Ground Joint Wing Nut, Male NPT, Male NPT Swivel, & Female Spud crimped fittings are available
  • Order Codes: 539-070 (Flexsteel 250 black smooth), 559-202 (Flexsteel 250 red wrapped), 536-476 (Flexsteel 250 red wrapped), 539-870 (Flexsteel 250 extreme red), 539-486 (Flexsteel 250 EPDM-20 red), 539-076 (Flexsteel 250 red smooth), 559-201 (Flexsteel 250 black wrapped), 536-470 (Flexsteel 250 black wrapped), 539-876 (Flexsteel 250 extreme black)