Connection Technology

Zero pressure loss connections

We use a diverse range of material combinations to create innovative and practical connections.

  • Quick plug-in connections for fast manual or robotic installation - optional anti-twist protection also available
  • Standard connections with guide sleeves and radial sealing ensure reliable installation
  • Particularly low-cost, form-produced fittings and other unsoldered connections

Bonded Seal (SLSW)

  • Simple installation
  • Zero pressure loss
  • Low permeation 3.6 g/a
  • No reduction in diameter
  • Good value for money
  • Established technology
  • Good SAE ranking

Connection technology

ContiLock R

  • Simple installation
  • Pressure stability up to 176 bar
  • Extremely low permeation (< 0.05 g/a)
  • High resistance to media
  • Long service life
  • Temperature-resistant up to 165°C
  • Can be combined with a range of flange materials
  • Best results in the SAE Ranking
  • Nominal widths of DN04 - DN16 available

Connection technology