Conti® Synchrochain Carbon and Falcon Pd® Sprockets

Compact drives with high performance.

Continental belts and sprockets are ideal for use on a wide variety of applications and industries. Sprockets offered by Continental are designed to be a part of a complete high-performance drive system.

Working with our premium synchronous belts allows for a lot of performance in a small space, giving you flexibility in design and application.

Benefits & features

With Continental belts and sprockets, you get more of what you pay for with each energy dollar. This is especially true when is applied to high-energy consuming drives that are used 24 hours a day, as well as high horsepower drives that inflate energy consumption during peak periods.
  • Continental 22G-8M-12 replaces 8MX-22S-12
  • Convenient replacement for existing Poly Chain® GT® 2* and Poly Chain GT® Carbon®* drives (*Trademarks of the Gates Corporation)

Technical specifications

  • Any applications where a chain drive could be used or there is a need for a high-efficiency drive system
  • For use where Conti® Synchrochain Carbon or Falcon Pd® belts are specified or desired
  • System is backside idler compatible allowing for additional applications
  • Cast iron or steel construction
  • Stock on most popular application sizes. Other sizes available as special order

Matching belt to sprocket

The part numbering system is simple and easy. Just match the belt’s width and pitch length to that of the sprocket and select the preferred number of grooves/teeth to provide the desired performance characteristics. Refer to the part number example above for a part number breakdown.

Example part number: 22G-8M-12-TL1008

  • 22G =  22 grooves/teeth
  • 8M = 8mm pitch length
  • 12 = 12mm width
  • TL1008 = 1008 taper-lock bushing