Conti® Flat Belts are utilized in a variety of applications and can be built to fit your design. Flat belts can be used for power transmission, rotation of an object, conveying a material, throwing a material, funneling material, holding something in place, pulling something, sealing or containing, propelling a vehicle, couple mating surfaces, dampening a surface and more. 


  • Suitable for reverse flexing/reverse tensioning idlers
  • Typical Applications: Conveying, Power Transmission, Power Strap, Safety Strap, Tubewinder and Slinger

Technical specifications

  • Multiple constructions  available to fit your application
  • Fabric only, fabric with rubber covers,  fabric with cord, fabric with cord & rubber covers
  • Depending on flat belt type we can determine the length, width and thickness capabilities 
  • In general for tubewinder/slinger belts up to 140” length in 40” width. 140” to 169” length in 50” width
  • Conveying applications we can build open ended in 36 “ width

Length range


Profile Belt width (in) Belt length (ft)
L (Light Duty) Up to 36”  Up to 75
M (Medium Duty)
CE (Cut Edge)
C (Heavy Duty)
H (Extra Heavy Duty)
250 (Special Duty)
450 (Special Heavy Duty)