The Poly-V® belt is a single, endless belt with longitudinal V-shaped ribs that mate consistently with the V-grooves in the sheaves. It combines the convenience of a thin, one-piece flat belt with the strong gripping traction of multiple V-belts to make the Poly-V belt far better than either for many applications.

To distribute the drive load evenly across the full width of the sheave, the Poly-V belt is built as a single unit with a completely supported, uninterrupted tension member. There is no matching problem. No separate belts to turn over, grab, slip or interfere with each other. The thin cross-section profile allows use of smaller pulleys than standard V-belts and Poly-V belts handle speed ratios of 40:1.

With all this capacity, the Poly-V belt tracks properly without special guides, flanges, crowns or deep grooves. And it resists seating in the grooves, so speed ratios remain more consistent and output speed remains more uniform.


  • Increased belt and sheave life
  • Reduced drive cost
  • Consistent performance
  • Temperature range from -30 °C to +80 °C
  • Electrically conductive in accordance with ISO 1813
  • Conditionally resistant to oil

Technical specifications

Technical specifications
  • 1. Synthetic rubber ribs
  • 2. Embedding compound
  • 3. Polyester tension member
  • 4. Polyamide cover fabric

Length range


Profile Length range Li (in)
J 18-120
L 50-118
M 90-481