Endless Timing Belt Catalog

In the new timing belt catalog we are offering our customers one free-of-charge overall publication covering our comprehensive timing belt portfolio.

Synchroforce, Synchrochain and Synchroflex are just three of the timing belt series in our product portfolio. Up till now, each product group has had its own catalogs and brochures. Now, however, the most important information has been collected in one overall publication for endless timing belts. In doing so, we are making it easier and more convenient for our customers to find the right belt for their application.

Endless Timing Belt Catalog


  • Complete overview of all endless timing belts
  • Comprehensive technical details
  • A wealth of additional information

Other information

  • 92 pages
  • Bilingual German/English
  • Available to order free of charge

Free-of-charge service

In addition to fundamental information on all the product groups, the new timing belt catalog includes a wealth of technical details for a broad target group – from general benefits to design guidelines and fitting and storage tips, through to information on pulleys. The product portfolio covered by the catalog is available in the Europe, Middle East and Africa market and also in Asia, Australia and Oceania. This comprehensive reference work can be ordered free of charge in German and English.