EPIX Webshop

Simple, convenient, fast and secure – the new EPIX online order management platform offers customers using belt drives for industrial applications a modern digital platform for placing orders, checking stock availability and obtaining comprehensive product information.


  • Up-to-the-minute, precise information
  • Efficient product search
  • Straightforward access to the product catalogs and technical documentation

Technical data

  • Web-based solution
  • SAP-based back-end connections
  • Upload facility

Webshop EPIX

Convenient order management

The whole navigation system of the new platform is geared towards making everything as convenient as possible for the customers. One of the features will be an upload facility that will enable them, for example, to upload orders in the form of an Excel sheet – without carrying out a prior search or checking availability. Up-to-the-minute information on stock availability will also be provided via SAP-based back-end connections – ensuring fast, smooth order management.

Access at any time and from anywhere

The webshop will always provide precise information, an efficient product search and straightforward access to product catalogs and technical documentation – at any time and from anywhere, quickly and clearly. The offering is initially limited to rubber industrial belts, the Agridur product range and service tools. PU belts will also later be incorporated in the platform. The webshop will be available to customers in the EMEA region in the first instance.

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