CONTI® Laser Alignment Tool

Proper alignment can improve the efficiency of your operation.

This unique Laser Alignment Tool from Continental quickly aligns drive components, helping to improve efficiency and reduce costly maintenance. 

Easy for the user:
The Continental Laser Alignment Tool is fast, convenient and attaches in a few seconds, delivering a highly visible sight line. When the laser line lies within the target openings, the pulleys and sprockets are correctly positioned. The result is a fast and precise alignment.

Power transmission belts, including synchronous, V-belts, flatbelts, etc., can be aligned equally well. The smart design of the magnetic attachment surface also allows for alignment of both small and large sheaves. For nonmagnetic pulleys, double-sided tape can be used to affix the Laser Alignment Tool for an added range of applications.

CONTI® Laser Alignment Tool


Features & benefits

  • Detects both radial and axail misalignment 
  • Easier to use than conventional methods of misalignment detection
  • Affixes to most pulley and sprocket types
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for nonmagnetic pulleys and sprockets
  • Single-operator friendly