CONTI® VSM 1/3/Mini Tension Tauges

Electronic measurement of belt tension.

The correct initial tension in force and form-locked belt drives is essential to ensuring the trouble-free, long-term operation of drives in industrial applications.

The CONTI® VSM-1, VSM-3 and VSM Mini tension gauges are fully electronic measuring instruments that have been specially designed to measure the initial tension of timing belts, poly-V-belts and V-belts.

They can be used to simply and precisely set the static strand force of belt drives, irrespective of their tension members.

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  • Non-contact measurement
  • Flexible sensor arm permits monitoring, even where access is difficult
  • Precise readings using optoelectronic measurement method


  • Non-contact measuring
  • Exceptionally compact design for reliable measurements, even in hard-to reach areas
  • Precise measurements by means of optoelectronic measurement process
  • Sturdy and durable housing

VSM Mini

  • Attached to rear of belt
  • Frequency measurement by means of an acceleration sensor
  • Space-saving, easily portable device
  • Alternative to conventional gauges

CONTI® VSM 1/3/Mini tension gauges

The electronic measurement of belt tension ensures that every industrial drive is operating safely.

VSM Mini Configurator