CONTI® TensionRite Belt Frequency Meter

Proper Tensioning Can Improve Belt Life.

Continental cares about keeping your operation running smoothly. The TensionRite Belt Frequency Meter can help you address the leading cause of belt failure... Improper Tensioning! 

TensionRite® Belt Frequency Meter from the trusted brand of Continental provides a simple, repeatable and reliable method for tensioning belts using optical technology. It displays the natural vibration frequency of a belt strand so you can closely monitor belt tension. The device calculates the corresponding belt tension in either English or SI units.

CONTI® TensionRite Belt Frequency Meter

Features & benefits

  • Quartz crystal based solid-state circuitry
    • Little, if any, calibration required*
    • No gain adjustment, filters or alternate sensor heads required
  • Direct Rather than indirect measurement of vibration frequency 
    • Sense movement of the belt, not the disturbances of the air adjacent to the belt 
    • Unaffected by ambient noise level or air currents
  • Meter range matches “real life” belt installation parameters 
    • The fundamental vibration frequency of most commonly used power transmission belts trends to the low end of the scale (<400Hz)
    • Meter can be used with all belt types
* Individual requirements may dictate the need for re-calibration to meet overall quality procedures 

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