Conti®VX Varispeed Supreme

New names for industrial drive belts

We are aligning and enhancing our industrial drive belt portfolio with a globally consistent naming structure. That is why you will see some changes on our product pages in the next months.


Variable Speed belts have excellent transverse rigidity and exceptional flexibility preventing buckling at minimum diameter settings where belt stresses are greatest. Firm gripping action in the contact area provides positive traction for precise, immediate response.

Together, they assure reliable, predictable transmission of maximum power over the drive’s full operating range. And top performance also means that you get longer life from our Variable Speed belts. That translates to less downtime for belt maintenance and more productivity from your equipment, which leads to greater operating economy by any measure.


  • Uniform cross section means less drive wear
  • Exceptional lengthwise flexibility allows for small pulleys
  • True dimensional stability and higher horsepower capacity for long belt life
  • Temperature range from -40 °C to +140 °C
  • Conditionally resistant to oil

Technical specifications

  • 1. Cut edge, molded cogged construction
  • 2. Natural rubber
  • 3. Aramid tension member

Length range

Various constructions available.