Positive Drive Pd™ belts give you the opportunity to design your drives for the speed, accuracy and dependability consistent with the best synchronous belt drives, all without the bulk, weight and added cost that is inherent in chain and gear power transmission systems.

Our belts have precision-molded teeth to deliver the synchronized power you need. Because they are made of specially compounded rubber, reinforced with high-strength, stable fiberglass tensile cord members and have a long-wearing nylon facing, they are durable and provide a smooth, precise operation. 


  • Universal tooth profile drops into existing sprockets
  • Designed for high-capacity performance
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Fiberglass tension cords for excellent resistance to shrinkage/elongation

Technical specifications

  • 1. Specially treated fabric
  • 2. Synthetic rubber teeth
  • 3. Fiberfglass tension member
  • 4. Synthetic rubber backing

Length range


Profile Length range Lp (in)
MXL 4 - 16.8
XL 5 - 77
L 12.4 - 90
H 21 - 170
XH 50.7 - 175
XXH 70 - 160