Conti® Synchrochain Supreme

New polyurethane belt combines extremely high load capacity with antistatic properties

Conti Synchrochain SupremeThe Synchrochain Supreme power transmission belt combines the best of both worlds: the advantages of the market-established Synchrochain Carbon and the benefits of an antistatic belt. It thus opens up the field of applications for polyurethane belts in flammable, explosive or electrostatic-sensitive environments with simultaneous extreme applications, where antistatic properties are desired or even mandatory.

Properties retained over the entire service life

Synchrochain Supreme VisualLike the Synchrochain Carbon, the Synchrochain Supreme transmits maximum torques and is suitable as a replacement for chain drives. In addition, as a maintenance-free component, its resistance to aging makes it very suitable for long-term applications – even in demanding environments. Added to this is its antistatic property, which goes far beyond ISO 9563. This is because the standard only requires electrical conductivity on delivery. Synchrochain Supreme, on the other hand, ensures antistatic properties over its entire service life. 

Applications therefore range from air-cooled heat exchangers and energy recovery systems to petroleum refineries, geothermal power generation, grain silos and processing plants, sawmills, mining and chemical processing.


Synchrochain Supreme combines the advantages of Synchrochain Carbon with the benefits of an antistatic belt.
  • Antistatic property according to ISO 9563*
  • Maintenance free
  • PU material oil resistant according to DIN 53428 (reference oil: IRM 903)
  • PU material ozone resistant according to DIN ISO 1431
  • PU material resistant against light exposure according to DIN EN ISO 4892

*As with belt drives operating in any explosive environment, the customer is responsible to qualify the application.

Drive conditions and service variables in combination with time in operation can result in a loss of static conductivity.  It is recommended that a conductivity check be added to drive preventive maintenance programs where belt static conductivity is a requirement.

Synchrochain Supreme 

Technical product structure

  •  Tooth surface: Antistatic fabric
  •  Teeth: Polyurethane
  •  Tension member: Carbon
  •  Belt back: Polyurethane

Available dimensions

Profile Length(mm) width(mm)
CTD 14M  994 - approx. 5,502 20 - 125
CTD 8M  720 - 4,480 12 - 62