Conti® Synchrodrive N10

Self-guiding nubbed belts for transport and linear technology.

New names for industrial drive belts

We are aligning and enhancing our industrial drive belt portfolio with a globally consistent naming structure. That is why you will see some changes on our product pages in the next months.

  • Temperature resistant between -30°C and +80°C (please seek technical advice for temperatures below -10°C and above +50°C)
  • Can be welded with thermoplastics
  • Wear resistant
  • Raw materials and production are silicone free
  • Resistant to fuel and benzene
  • Resistant to oil and grease
  • Resistant to UV and ozone
  • Suitable for use in tropical climates
  • Suitable for reverse flexing/reverse tensioning idlers
  • Maintenance-free
  • Resistant to hydrolysis


Technical specifications

Technical specifications
  • 1. Polyurethane nubs *
  • 2. Tension member/steel cord
  • 3. Polyurethane backing *

* Fabric cover on teeth and backing (PAN/PAR) upon request



Profile Belt width (mm)
N10 10 -100