Conti® Synchromotion

New generation of endless PU timing belts

The Synchromotion is the first truly endless PU timing belt from Continental. With this addition, we are significantly extending our standard belt range so customers can purchase the entire portfolio of drive belts from one single source. The Conti® Synchromotion can be manufactured in custom lengths which gives customers greater design flexibility and additional freedom. The Synchromotion is available in eleven different profiles in the lengths ranging from 1,500 to 14,500 mm, with a maximum width of 100 mm.

Conti Synchromotion

Variety of profiles, fully compatible

The numerous profiles make it possible to replace the belts and switch existing systems to Conti® Synchromotion. The dimensions are also fully compatible with competitor's products and no changes are necessary. The Synchromotion also offers all the benefits of Continental PU timing belts: reliable power transmission, precise positioning through the use of high-strength tension members in bifilar winding, as well as an abrasion-resistant PU material suitable for applications in demanding environments where dirt and dust are prevelant.

The Synchromotion is suitable for transport and drive tasks across the entire power range. These include synchronous conveyor systems and transport devices with slide rails as well as positioning and reversing drives in linear and control technology.

Technical specifications

  • In terms of power transmission, the Synchromotion corresponds to the Synchroflex PU timing belt, which is also endless.
  • The bifilar winding of the steel tension member (as standard) reduces the belt run-off tendency, optimizing positional accuracy.
  • The white polyurethane, which is optimized for the extrusion process, is produced in the material preparation plant in our Dannenberg facility.
  • Note: Continental manufactures its PU in-house which ensures consistent, reliable quality thanks to our PU expertise.
  • Ground belt back for achieving high thickness precision
  • Oil resistant according to DIN 53428*
  • Ozone resistant according to DIN ISO 1431*
  • Resistant against light exposure according to DIN EN ISO 4892*
  • Outlook: further specifications will be developed and offered later.

*targets according to Continental specification

Available dimensions

  • Length: 1,500 mm – approx. 14,500 m
  • Width: 100 mm (can be cut open and supplied in standard widths depending on the profile)

Available profiles

  • T5 T10 T20
  • AT5 AT10 AT20
  • HTD 5M 8M 14M
  • RPP 8M
  • H