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 Systems Expertise

Systems Expertise

Systems Expertise

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  • System components for multiple V-ribbed belts

    System components for multiple V-ribbed belts

  • System components for timing belt drives

    System components for timing belt drives

This development expertise includes:

  • Computer-aided belt drive simulations for determining and optimizing dynamic operating behavior using "SIMDRIVE"
  • Service life forecasting using the Bearinx® and "KRRLEB" software programs, which have been developed in-house
  • Geometrically designed tensioning systems and optimization by means of "BeltDrive" calculation software
  • FE calculations and CAD-based topology optimization
  • Belt drive simulations on specially developed simulation test benches ("breadboard testing")
  • Functional tests and fatigue resistance tests on operating-engine test benches with up to 330 kW of power
  • Functional tests at the customer's site with portable flexible measuring equipment
  • Vehicle measurements on our in-house roller dynamometer test bench (suitable for all-wheel vehicles, conditioning from -30°C to +40°C possible), on the test track or at the customer's location
  • Acoustics testing of components, engines and vehicles
  • Fatigue resistance tests on special component test benches