Cutting- and Baring Center

Highest printing quality is possible only with precision printing blankets perfectly matched to your printing machine. This is exactly what our Cutting- and Baring Center offers.

The Cutting- and Baring Center is directly integrated into printing blanket production. Here, our fully-automated cutting line sizes printing blankets to the specified dimensions and hydraulically or pneumatically presses them with rails – for use in all applications, from sheet-fed and heatset/coldset to metal printing.

We cut corner geometries precisely to your specifications for quick and easy mounting of the printing blankets. This saves you time. If so preferred, we can also equip your printing blanket with a self-adhesive foil. Special approval testing as well as our ISO 9001 and 14001 certified production facilities guarantee uncompromising quality every single step of the production process.

Continental Cutting and Barring Center
Cutting and Barring Center

Our computercontrolled shuttle warehousing system ensures that your order is dealt with quickly. In addition, a three-line imprint on the back of the printing blanket allows it to be traced all the way back to the fabric batch.

Continental Cutting and Barring Center

By minimizing cutoff waste and using appropriately sized packaging – available, on request, with individual labeling – we save resources and thus also protect the environment. For many sheetfed applications we use specially designed bars that eliminate the use of climate-damaging adhesives all together – a real benefit for the environment!

Quality direct from the manufacturer – finished off and individually packaged for you.


  • Our fully automated cutting lines guarantee the highest levels of precision. In addition, orders are all checked several times and the results documented.
  • We permanently stock hundreds of rail types, including numerous profiles made of aluminum, steel and flat steel in a wide range of sizes.
  • computer-controlled press with six hydraulic cylinders, satisfies the highest quality and safety requirements.
  • The eight-meter-high, computerized shuttle warehousing system provides for fast, direct access.


  • Safe: Hydraulically pressed and bonded rails.
  • Accurate: Perfect corner geometries, matched to each machine type, for ideal handling.
  • Traceable: Thanks to individual imprint on the rear of the printing blanket.
  • Eco-friendly: Rails fastened without the use of adhesives.
  • Reproducible: Contour and strip cutting in a single operation.
  • Approval testing for adhesives and printing blankets also helps safeguard our high quality standards.
  • The compressibility of the printing blanket is accurately measured several times on each roll and the readings documented.
  • Sturdy packaging appropriate for the format size ensures secure transportation.

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