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CONTI-AIR® Product Range


Elevate your printing with CONTI-AIR® fabric and polyester backed compressible offset blankets

1911: The first elastic printing blanket was born. Developed and produced by Continental in Hannover, Germany. A significant milestone for the development of modern offset printing was set. Since then, we have continuously enhanced our products year by year, aligning with the latest printing technologies. With over 110 years of commitment to quality, all our blankets are proudly Made in Germany.

Coldset Printing

No other offset segment has so many different machine constructions as coldset. And thus, the requirements on the blankets change. With our unique test rig, we tailor the feeding behaviour of our blankets, to match each machine configuration.

Heatset Printing

The speed and size of heatset presses have significantly increased in recent decades. We have evolved alongside this industry, adapting our carcasses and face compounds to meet diverse demands. Conti-Air® Ensures you get the most advanced blankets available in the market.

Commercial Sheetfed

We offer the ideal blanket for every requirement, whether for small or large formats, conventional or energy-curable inks, and high-quality paper or budget-friendly uncoated stock.

Packaging Printing

The offset packaging printing sector continues its remarkable growth. We continuously adapt our product range to meet market needs, from folding board to corrugated board, from vegetable oil-based to low-energy curable inks, from slower presses to the newest single driven ones. Experience exceptional print quality, increased efficiency, and unmatched versatility.

Metal Printing

Our specialized blankets cater to the unique requirements of three-piece can production. Engineered for optimal press speeds, superior ink transfer, and long-lasting performance. Reduce downtime and waste with CONTI-AIR® blankets.

And if two pieces cans is your business, please explore our Laserline range.


With eighty percent of new sheetfed machines featuring a coating unit, we offer coating plates in all standard thicknesses. Our products boast exceptional stripping depth and unmatched dimensional stability for repetitive jobs.

And if your coating jobs demand intricate details, check out our Laserline engravable materials.

Embossing, Stamping and Security Printing

Our globally unparalleled products cater to unique applications, from cold foil inline and hot foil to embossing and numbering banknotes.

Plastic Printing

The printing on plastics segment, once considered a niche market, has been expanding rapidly. Our blankets are the optimal choice for in-mould labels, bank cards, and hologram printing. With our carbon-formulated face compounds, we enable trouble-free printing by preventing electrostatic charge. 

And for all dry offset applications, please explore our Laserline range.

Metal based applications

The World’s Leading Supplier for Metalback-Blankets

What do the World’s leading Newspaper Printers have in Common? They rely on the Metalback Blankets from Continental.

The Conti Air® “STEEL” Range is designed with the needs of Newspaper-Professionals in mind: Whether it’s feeding Characteristic, Printout or longevity. You don’t need to make a compromise.

Conti Air® offers a wide range of Blankets for Coldset, Heatset and UV-Applications with “Quality, made in Germany”!

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