Printec® Offset Printing Blankets

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2-Piece Can

Browse the most famous Printec® styles which are designed to perform on 2-piece can printing jobs.

  • Printec 263
  • Printec 8263

Business Forms

A selection of compressible blankets, with adhesive-backed carcass, is part of Continental’s offer for a variety of presses, inks and business form applications such as: continuous forms, envelopes, direct mail, labels printing and many other.

  • Printec 211
  • Printec 213
  • Printec 213-B


At Continental the Printec® blankets for coldset application comprises selected solutions enable printers to achieve very high standard.


At Continental we offer a comprehensive range of Printec® blankets to meet all heatset printers requirements.

  • Printec 63
  • Printec 73
  • Printec 64
  • Printec 600
  • Printec 700

Metal Decorating

Printec® blankets for Metal Decorating (3-piece can printing) are part of the Continental Printing Solutions offer.

Plastic Pot

Browse the list of Printec® styles for plastic pot printing.

  • Printec 414
  • Printec 624

Sheetfed & Packaging

At Continental the offer of Printec® offset blankets for sheetfed printing technology provides solutions for all kind of commercials, such as: magazines, catalogues, books, flyer, and all commercial in general. Printec® blankets might also be used to print packaging in paper or cardboard.