Rollin® Offset Printing Blankets

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Business Forms

A selection of solutions, with adhesive-backed printing blankets, is part of Continental’s offer for a variety of presses, inks, and business form applications such as: continuous forms, envelopes, direct mail, labels printing and many more.


At Continental the Rollin® printing blankets for coldset application comprises selected solutions to enable printers to achieve very high standards in modern newspaper printing. The offer includes solutions that matches different paper feed requirements.


At Continental we offer Rollin® blankets for heatset applications, meeting all main printing requirements, such as: neutral paper feeding, no sinking and piling, no edge marking, top face resistance and calibrated thicknesses.

Metal Decorating

A wide range of solutions for printing on metal packaging has been developed to achieve the excellence in printing quality. Our Rollin® blankets perform to meet a perfect halftone reproduction and to resist against edge marking.

Security Printing

Along with commercial sheetfed, heatset and coldset, the printing world includes a powerful mix of special applications. Security printed products include currency, cheques, plastic bank and credit cards, tax bands and seals, passports and ID cards, licenses, certificates, tickets and various devices, such as holograms that are used to authenticate items.

The Rollin® brand offers a unique solution of an Intaglio blanket used in the application of security and banknote printing.

Sheetfed & Packaging

The product range for commercial sheetfed (magazines, catalogues, books) and sheetfed packaging (paper, cardboard) includes a wide selection of Rollin® blankets.