Sava® Offset Printing Blankets

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Business Forms

A selection of compressible blankets, sticky-backed for labels and envelopes printing, is part of Continental’s offer for a variety of presses, inks and business form applications such as: continuous forms, envelopes, direct mail, labels printing and many other.


At Continental the Sava® blankets for coldset application comprises selected solutions that enable printers to achieve very high standard and consistency over long run.


At Continental we expanded the offer for heatset printers adding a comprehensive selection of Sava® printing blankets, which are listed below.

Metal Decorating

Sava® blankets for Metal Decorating (3-piece can printing) are part of the Continental Printing Solutions' offer.

Sheetfed & Packaging

Sheetfed offset printing presses are popular for delivering high quality printing of commercials (magazines, catalogues, books, flyers), packaging (paper and cardboard) and metal decorating applications.