Precision Molded Items for Brake Actuation

Continental develops and supplies a diverse range of elastomer components for brake boosters. The geometric and material properties of these components are perfectly tailored to the function of the system.

In the area of brake actuation, elastomer components perform vital power transmission and sealing functions within the system. In its capacity as a supplier and development partner, Continental works together with the customer to define solutions that deliver exactly what is needed to guarantee the optimal performance of the entire system.

Continental components for brake boosters

Components for brake boosters

  1. Vacuum plugs
  2. Center plate seal
  3. Reaction disc
  4. Folding membrane
  5. Disc valve
  6. Rear seal
  7. Protective cap

Continental components for brake cylinders

Components for brake cylinders

  1. Primary sleeves
  2. Secondary sleeves
  3. Reservoir plugs
  4. Reservoir cap
  5. Transport plugs

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