Low-friction Elastomers for Sealing Systems

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It is well known that vehicle manufacturers face many challenges in the transition from combustion engines to electromobility. Also that this changes a lot not only in development but also in assembly. However, the fact that this also has an impact on seemingly small components such as seals often escapes general attention.

After all, the cooling circuit in an electric vehicle alone, at 40 meters in length, is more than twice as long as in vehicles with combustion engines – and therefore requires a correspondingly large number of connections, hose couplings, and quick connectors that demand a reliable sealing function.

For the fitter, this means more handling, which should be done ergonomically and thus safely. Low-friction elastomers help here, improving assembly forces and thus ensuring the safety of the sealing system while protecting health.

Previously, the seals were coated with the lubricant in a second production step. With Continental's new low-friction elastomers, this is no longer necessary.

Low-friction elastomers could also be usefully employed in many other applications – contact us, we will also find an optimal solution for your requirements.