Foodsafe Films

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Colors and Embossing

Conti® foodsafe foils are currently offered in various light colors including white and beige, as well as light shades of gray. When choosing the embossing structure, customers can choose from numerous surface design options. These range from completely smooth to highly textured surfaces.

Feel free to contact us for more information about the color range.


Wherever high chemical or mechanical stresses can be expected, Conti® foodsafe foil can demonstrate its strengths to the full. A thickness of 120 my in combination with a resistant embossing ensure effective and durable protection of the component. In this way, the foodsafe foil makes a valuable contribution to extending the service life of the end product.

For even greater protection against mechanical stress, Continental also offers the foodsafe foil in a thickness of 150 my.

Examples for the use of Conti® foodsafe films are:

  • Interior trim paneling of refrigerated transport and box bodies for refrigerated trucks
  • Interior trim paneling and gates in refrigerated warehouses and cold stores
  • Shelving systems in the refrigeration and freezing area

Please feel free to contact us so that we can clarify in a personal conversation whether and in what form our product is suitable for your application.


Cleaning of surfaces equipped with Conti® foodsafe foil should always be limited to the minimum required, as repeated cleaning shortens the service life of the antistatic treatment. We recommend a diluted soap solution as a cleaning agent.

Further cleaning instructions and tested cleaners can be found in the information sheet.


In case of scratches in the surface, a repair pen may be used. For more technical information, please refer to our Conti® foodsafe Information Sheet.