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Free to Use Grain Collection

Our “Free to Use GRAIN Collection” design collection offers an industrialized selection of grains with twenty-five available decors. A particular advantage of the “Free to Use Grain Collection” is the faster processing of requests, as all grains are already available. The selected design themes are divided into five categories – Textile, Organic, Geometric, Natural and Special Edition.



The designs of the Textile category are influenced by textile looks and create a warm, cozy atmosphere with high comfort aspirations.

Textile design collection
Textile design collection


The designs of the Organic category are inspired by nature. These looks live above all from their irregularities and underline the impression of sustainability.

Organic design collection
Organic design collection


Geometrically uniform and technical structures characterize the designs of the Geometric category. They provide a sporty, dynamic and futuristic look.

Geometric design collection
Geometric design collection


The designs in the Natural category are composed of classic natural leather grains as well as velour looks that impress with their supple feel.

Natural design collection
Natural design collection

Special Edition

The Benova special edition includes an industrialized selection of grains specifically for the BENOVA product family.

BENOVA design collection
BENOVA design collection

Panel Films Vol. D

The Panel Films Vol. D collection – D stands for design – was created for the modern design of car and commercial vehicle interiors and comprises a combination of printed decors and embossed structures with a tactile feel. In developing this collection, we focused on delivering innovative alternatives to conventional designs that nevertheless fit harmoniously into new mobility concepts. It includes modern wood, textile, stone and hybrid looks that perfectly match one another, structuring the car as a 3rd space where living space, mobile space, office and wellness area merge. The surfaces must therefore exude homeliness, comfort and coolness at the same time, as well as being robust and easy to clean.

With the Panel Films Vol. D collection, we are not only responding to the growing need for readily available high-quality interior materials, but also enabling our customers to access trendy designs for vehicle interiors without having to spend time and costs on the development work that would otherwise be required.   The designs and colors were inspired by and derived from the trend themes of the Continental TrendCode.

The designs at a glance:

Nordic Elm

The modern wood look of Nordic Elm brings Scandinavian homeliness to the mobile interior. The design looks elegant, radiates warmth and originality, significantly contributing to the feeling of comfort. Impressive embossing enhances the print design.

Lucca Fabric

The very detailed, two-tone, textile surface of Lucca Fabric looks particularly exciting. The design interprets the textile trend very authentically for the entire interior and provides a homely touch, coupled with a hint of casualness and coolness.

Falun Fabric

With Falun Fabric, a classic of textile design comes back into fashion, but shows itself in new contexts. The design draws on the design tradition of the herringbone pattern – combined with an expressive textile feel – and conveys a sense of comfort and well-being.

Soft Concrete

With the robust-looking concrete look of Soft Concrete, the soft surface provides for aha effects. The clean, minimal and futuristic look of the design reflects a timeless trend. A filigree embossing gives the surface a smooth feel.

City Cubes

The technical look of the City Cubes design fits perfectly into urban worlds. Strictly geometric and precisely arranged, the design creates a 3D effect through an optical illusion. The smooth, pleasant surface matches the virtual world.