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As a surface design team, we are always involved in a variety of different projects to provide valuable design impulses. Recent successfully completed projects include the AMBIENC3 concept car and the ContiHome tiny house.



AMBIENC3 concept car

The AMBIENC3 is a completely gutted and rebuilt VW T2 van. It is a tribute to a classic, to which Continental’s high-quality and innovative surfaces and other forward-looking technologies open the way to the 21st century.

From the seat upholstery to the instrument panel and steering wheel, the van is fully equipped with Continental’s high-quality surface materials. Furthermore, numerous innovative technologies such as Mood Lighting are built into the AMBIENC3. The design is based on the approach of conceiving the car as a 3rd space that harmoniously combines the areas of driving, working and relaxing under one roof.


ContiHome show house

What the Ambienc3 is for the automotive sector, the ContiHome is for the LivTec sector. The show house demonstrates the perfect interplay of design and function in the smallest of spaces and is equipped with Continental’s innovative surface materials from floor to terrace, thus showing the ultimate diversity of the technology company’s product portfolio. Walls, windows, facades and furniture – they are all characterized by a thoroughly modern design, durability, ease of care and a particularly authentic feel – that is pre-programmed well-being. Without sacrificing elegance, modernity and aesthetics.