Global Fusion Trend Book

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Global Fusion Trend Book

Good design inspires, crosses borders, broadens horizons – and connects and unites people around the world. In the new “Global Fusion” trend book, we have been inspired by precisely this principle and have worked with an international team of design experts to determine which trends will influence our lives and thus our environment in the future. The expertise from the individual countries with their various perceptions of the changing society was bundled and summarized in a trend presentation. “Global Fusion” is the quintessence of the market observations and analysis from the design perspective of countries worldwide.

In order to set off into the future in an eco-efficient manner, this new trend book is not published as a large printed edition, but can be experienced digitally, online. The logo – three circles that are open and thus interact with one another – can be experienced virtually via three rooms. Each room is dedicated to one of the three constants and chapters – ECO, SOUL and TECH – that characterize this extraordinary trend book.



In the ECO chapter, we show that nature is gaining a new appreciation and is not only becoming a place of retreat that provides peace and strength, but also awakens the desire for originality in us. We want to be closer to nature. This is reflected in large window fronts and the use of natural materials such as wood and stone, which contribute to the increasing disappearance of boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. This connection with nature is also reflected in the choice of colors and materials with which we surround ourselves. The design language is flowing and undulating. The surface design is matte, naturally rough, speckled, patinated, but above all authentic.

Eco Fusion design trend
Eco Fusion colors


In the SOUL chapter, we deal with the fact that man longs for consistency in a world that declares new “must haves” almost every week and just as quickly forgets them again. We find fulfillment in the small but all the more important things. In this context, the home in particular experiences an emotional upgrade and becomes an almost spiritual retreat. After all, it’s not called “my home is my castle” for nothing. We focus more on ourselves, integrate healthy routines into our daily lives, turn our gaze inward and thus sharpen our senses for what is essential. This atmosphere is captured in positive, subdued colors, pastel tones and bright accents that exude the joy of life and enhance our sense of well-being.

Soul Fusion design trend
Soul Fusion colors


In the TECH chapter, we concern ourselves with man’s desire to escape into other dimensions. This is something that has occupied mankind for centuries. Artificial universes offer infinite expanses and unlimited possibilities here. Virtual reality is used to escape from everyday life and create new, fantastic worlds. These captivate us with their brilliant and intoxicating colors. Above all, mystical violet and electrifying blue accompany us on this journey through digital space. To set the scene for these trends, high-tech materials are used with sensor technology and functional design. Interaction with an object only becomes possible through touch or through certain gestures. The surfaces are holographic, changeable and thus appear differently depending on the time of day and the incidence of light.

Tech Fusion design trend
Tech Fusion colors