Coatings for window profiles and window frames

The use of window profile foils is an established standard among leading profile extruders and window manufacturers. Justifiably so, because the coatings make window profiles an attractive design element. In addition, the coating makes window profiles more resistant, easier to clean, and longer-lasting.

Window profiles coated with Continental surfaces are simple to recycle at the end of their life. Constant innovation, extended warranties on the market, as well as management, coordination and mediation of the RAL quality association have made foil coatings for window profiles an unprecedented success story.

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Coatings for front doors and garage doors

Outdoor coatings are giving modern architecture completely new design options: Windows, doors and garage doors can be designed with a uniform look. With Continental Exterior Films for front doors and garage doors, a desired decor can be used for different building elements – without compromising on workmanship and durability.

Product overview: Outdoor foil for doors & garage doors

Façade foil for customized façade design

The versatility and technical superiority of Continental Exterior Films aren’t limited to windows, front doors and garage doors. They also add visual accents, resist wind and weather on front façades, and extend product life – entirely maintenance-free.

Moreover, the ContiHome, the concept house from Continental's surface materials experts, shows how these advantages can also be used in popular tiny houses and mobile homes. Outside and inside, it uses only in-house Surface Solutions – livable, robust, smart and sustainable. Among others, the realistic wood decorations from our woodec collection and the trendy mattex designs stand out outdoors.

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Exterior Foils


TSR test procedure brings the sun to the laboratory

With its innovative TSR (Total Solar Reflection) test procedure, Continental simulates the effects of natural solar radiation on coated window profiles in the laboratory. The calculated TSR value shows the proportion of radiation reflected by the coating. This method makes possible predictions of the heating behavior of profile foils without having to test every color individually in the laboratory.


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